Lightning's projects:

MyIP with country flag

Information page that tells you your IP address, country, browser used and something else.

Online games

Lots of online flash/shockwave games, racing, shoot'em'up, quiz and so on.

D&D 3.5 Reference guide

A complete reference guide (spells, monsters, classes, races, feats, and much more) for Dungeons&Dragons 3.5 edition.
Builded by Sovelior.

Dice roller

Supports d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, dXX. A must have!
By Wizards of the Coast.


Opensource IRC bouncer by the most psychoid.


General purpose bouncer, outdated but still useful, by Chris Mason. It supports: redirects, socks protocol, ssl, authentication, ip filtering, daemon mode, logging and some other tweaks.


Opensource Port Knocker written by Francesco Vannini.

Network calculator

Simple utility to calculate networks, CIDR and so on. By
Dedicated to my friend YaP ;)

If you want, for some reason, to be listed here, drop me an email to:
teslazap @ "logo name" .eu .org

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